20 September 2019

Pupils entry and exits

Regulations in EPI School :

  • Entry of pupils : at the beginning of sessions, morning and afternoons, parents leave their children from 1st year to fourth year at the entry of the outer space and do not have the right to enter with them. Pupils have to be present 10 mins before the first session bells ring in the morning or afternoon. The entry of pupils (1st to fourth year) is done through the doors A and B.
    Entry of preschool pupils is through the main door and they are accompanied buy their parents . They will be carried directly to the reading room.
    Doors are open from 7h30 to 8h10. Pupils who will be present at 8h10 - 8h30 and 13h30 - 13h45 are concidered late. After 8h30 and 13h45, the pupil is absent and is taken to the library by a schooling assistance . He will be accepeted only at the beginning of the next session. In both cases, The parent has to have a late note / absence note ticket from the reception.
  • Leaving of pupils : In the morning, the leaving of the non-inscribed pupils ointo the canteen service , by the end of the morning is fixed at 12h. The afternoon, leaving will be at 16h30. The inscibed pupils at the APC leave at 18h. Preschool pupils are kept in the reading room. 1st year to fourth year pupils are carried by their assistants to the outer area of the school. . Pupils are classified and put into ranks in front of the doors A and B in order to meet their parents . Door A (1st and 2nd year), Door B (3rd and 4th year)

Raminder: they should all have their badgings

N.B : in case of bad weathern 1st year to 4th year pupils are kept in the gym room.