R 1 :

The preschool inscriptions for natives of 2018 and the natives of 01st January2019 to 30th March 2019.
Inscription to first year concerning the natives of 2017 and those of 01 January 2018 to 30th March 2018.

R 2 :

All children who correspond to the conditions of the texts that organise inscriptions have the right to be inscibed. An interview is required here.

R 3 :

They includethe pedagogical support and clubs
The pedagogical support is programmed for Monday, Tuesday,Thursday and Friday at 16h45 to 18h. This is a schooling support accomplished by the pedagogical team in order to help pupils with their exams, and to assusre their improvement and success in their disciplines Clubs are open in Wednesdays afternoon and Saturdays morning and they are animated by specialists chosen by children

R 4 :

The official Tunisian course is guaranteed. A particular importance will be given to the foreign mlanguage with the international norms and the technological and scientific awakening of children .

R 5 :

Language teaching is crucial with a particular interest in the foreign languages (French and English). We recognise the most pertinent methods in the European sphere.. « syllabic » or « global » ? It is abour coping with the needs of the child and to keep an eye on his evolution.

R 6 :

A level test is used and i twill help us think about catching up strategy in case it is needed .